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passive cyclone

the interests wrote above was me four years ago.

Now I'm this: a lover of life, an enthusiast, a geek, loves paolo coelho, neil gaiman, christina pantoja hidalgo, chic, light reads such as that book entitled friday night cocktails, early versions of summit chic lit books such as have baby will date and no boyfriend since birth.

Previously loved asian drama, especially meteor garden, but stopped after that. Now I'm beginning to be a jap fan girl again, thanks to nodame cantabile.

i still and will always love music, either classical, pop or alternative. I still love vertical horizons (and played it songs while reading twilight books), i love gin blossoms, better than ezra, and green day.I love colbie caillat, corrine bailey rae, mojofly, john mayer, jason mraz, jay sean, india arie. I love 80s music, songs such as rick springfield, toto, tiffany, dan fogelberg, jefferson starship.

I still love watching tv shows such as glee, and the oc, greys anatomy, how i met your mother, and house. the first two, I was able to watch religiously, but the latter..uhm...not yet..or i'm still planning to finish them when i have the time.

i love playing the guitar, though what I know are just the basic chords, and im planning to learn the piano someday...(that is, again, when I find the time.

--whew...so much at 25:) hehehe!

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